Meditation & Yoga Retreat (Labour Day Weekend 2017)


Try a Little Tenderness: a Meditation Toolkit for Troubling Times

Friday, Sept 1 – Wednesday, Sept 6
Dharma Centre of Canada
1886 Galway Rd., Kinmount, ON, Canada

Often we get very critical with ourselves and others.  When someone like Trump comes to power we might find we become even more critical and angry.  This course will teach tools to help, including:

  • Practices that ground us in our bodies (yoga, Gendlin’s ‘felt sense’, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing)
  • Meditations that cultivate gentleness with ourselves (loving kindness, equanimity)
  • Practices that build space into our reactions (non-clinging, emptying, interconnectedness, non-selfing)
  • Ways to cultivate more awareness of joy and success (“uniqsiuq”-Inuktitut for ‘positive gossip’, sympathetic joy)
  • Meditations on breathing, mindfulness and the four immeasurables to cultivate care and awareness
  • humour and light-heartedness in meditation
  • creativity and the permission to make mistakes​

The four steps of R.A.I.N. (as presented by Tara Brach):
R – Recognize
A – Allow
I – Investigate inner experience with kindness
N – Non-Identify

This event is open to practitioners (meditation, yoga, spiritual, dharma) and artists of all levels, with particular focus on helping activists cultivate self-care and compassion in periods of stress, anxiety, and violence.

The courses are designed so that participants are not required to stay the full duration of the retreat. You can leave at the close of the weekend. French translation will be provided throughout the sessions.

For more information about this course, and to register, please visit:


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