Something Inside So Strong…

Mass Non Violent Direct Action called for NYC on Thursday November 17, 2011.

Occupy Wall Street and other locations were dismantled by police last night….. Occupy Toronto may be evicted in the next couple of days. Here is a photo essay from the Occupy Toronto site in St. James Park this afternoon, courtesy of Gelek.

And some music from a country that can teach us a lot about struggle, solidarity and song….

….and this great speech (and song) by David Heap, reminding us of the 1978 Sudbury miners’ strike, and making the connections.

The best source for up-to-date daily info still is your community radio station. For example CKUT 90.3 Off The Hour (5pm) in Montreal.

Here is CKUT and the Montreal Media Coop reporting (last half of the program) on the use of riot police last Thursday Nov.10 to evict McGill students from their own campus. Report was recorded at the McGill demonstration yesterday in response to police brutality on campus.


CKUT Off the Hour Tuesday Nov. 15, 2011


3 thoughts on “Something Inside So Strong…

  1. Something inside so strong…!!! what a BEAUTIFUL song!! Yes we have something inside that is stronger than everything…and it makes me happy to ” feel ” it, and to see others singing it.
    I LOVED when David said .” you can not jail a movement “!! neither what is inside us that is so strong….
    Solidarity works!! We feel the solidarity here..we live with the indigenes of the mountain in Chiriqui. We are the 99% more than ever! It is encouraging to hear that man. “Jail ” looks like a good place to learn….The good guys are inside and the bad one outside..Sometimes , it looks like if it was..
    Thank you again for sharing Derek, we feel so more connected with your help!
    We miss you,

    1. Thanks Chantal. Yup, that Soweta choir song gives me goosebumps.

      We miss you and Eric here in Quebec! When are you coming back for a visit??

      I guess our loss is Chiriqui’s gain. Solidarity Sister! Derek

      1. GOOSEBUMPS!!!! This is the word I was looking for!!!! Yes, GOOSEBUMPS! it gives ne goosebumps too…
        No time and money to travel for now…. but we have a guest room, fot people who freeze in the north!!
        Solidarity brother”

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